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SHEP and Active Education - Beyond the School Day!


What is it?


SHEP is a 'Food and Fun' programme that is Completely FREE of charge and runs for the first three weeks of the Summer holidays.  There are different activities going on throughout the morning designed to get children active.  We also provide activities designed to improve children's food and nutrition. The Club runs Monday - Thursday 9am - 1pm and includes Breakfast and Dinner.




At Bryn Gwalia we want to keep pupis engaged in school life as much as possible and we understand how difficult a long Summer holiday can be for some families.  

We want to ensure that our families are supported throughout the summer holidays and know where they can access available support.
We want to build healthy supportive relationships with all our families and the local community.



  • Engagement with a range of outside agencies, who provide fun and stimulating activities.
  • SHEP is run by Mrs Wyatt and LSAs already working in the school so they have good relationships with the children attending.​
  • Family engagement with Mrs Wyatt corresponding with parents to discuss the programme and invited in for lunch.​
  • Offer older pupils (Yr 7 - 8) the chance to join in and volunteer.​
  • Encourage the take up of school meals and our whole school approach to healthy eating.
  • Use of community spaces and community groups to run sessions and promote positive links in the community.



  • Children feel less of a divide between home and school, they feel better supported as learners and thriving individuals.​
  • Improved attendance, progress and engagement
  • Parents learn new skills ​
  • Promoting children and families to be more active and improve children’s diets.
  • Children make new friends in our community.​
  • 100% of parents feel their children attending has had a positive effect on their children including: Trying new foods, healthier diets and more physically active.  98% of parents reported improved mental health and well-being for themselves.
  • Signposting to other services  - Families First, Family Information Services, Flying Start have all run sessions during SHEP.
  • Encourages community engagement - Aura Sports, Buckley Cheerleading, Local Martial Arts companies have all run workshops.


Active Education - Beyond the School Day

We are delighted to be one of only a few schools in Wales to be part of this initiative.  We open up three nights per week for children to enjoy a variety of activities.  The club again is FREE of charge and runs from 5 - 6.30 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The children receive a healthy snack too! All welcome!