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At Ysgol Bryn Gwalia, safeguarding and the safety of  all of our pupils is paramount in all we do.


What is Safeguarding?

* Protecting children and those within our community from abuse, neglect or other kinds of harm.

* Meeting the needs of pupils with medical conditions.

* Provision of First Aid

* Effective risk assessment to ensure health and safety needs.



We Safeguard to ensure:

* All of our children are safe from abuse, neglect or other kinds of harm including Bullying and * Cyberbullying.

* Intimate care needs are met

* Anti-radicalisation

* Health and safety on educational trips and during school events.

How do we ensure we are effective in our role?

We educate tour learners to recognise the signs and dangers which impact upon the safety of our children, staff and local community.

Safeguarding is central to our everyday practice in order to prevent impairment of children’s health and development, ensuring every child grows up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care.

We are aware, responsive and pro-active in  taking action to enable children to achieve their potential.

We work in partnership with outside agencies to safeguard children.


When concerns are sufficient it may be necessary to make a referral to Children’s services.


At Ysgol Bryn Gwalia we have a comprehensive safeguarding/child protection policy. All staff have undertaken safeguarding training that equips them to recognise and respond to child welfare concerns.


These concerns are then passed to the;


Designated Child Protection Officer, Mrs Lorraine Dalton (Head Teacher)


or in her absence


Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer, Mrs Liz Croft (Deputy Head Teacher)

and Ms Jo Wyatt (Home School Liaison Officer)


They follow strict guidelines on how to deal with any concerns as set out in the All Wales Child Protection Procedures.


The nominated governor for Child Protection is Mrs Jo Lane



At Ysgol Bryn Gwalia we are proud to be a KiVa school!


What is KiVa?


KiVa is an innovative school-based antibullying program which has been developed using cutting-edge research on bullying and its mechanisms

KiVa is an evidence-based program to prevent bullying and to tackle the cases of bullying effectively. The former is crucial but also the latter is important, as no prevention efforts will make bullying disappear once and for all; there need to be tools to be utilized when a case of bullying comes to light. The third aspect of KiVa is constant monitoring of the situation in one’s school and the changes taking place over time; this is enabled by the online tools included in KiVa. These tools produce annual feedback for each school about their implementation of the program as well as the outcomes obtained. KiVa is not meant to be a one-year project, but a permanent part of the school’s antibullying work that embeds our ethos throughout our daily school life.