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Ysgol Bryn Gwalia C.P.

Growing Together, Aiming High

Who's Who

All the staff at Ysgol Bryn Gwalia are committed to making it a fantastic place for our children to learn and grow.


Senior Management

Headteacher    Mr D. Jones
Deputy Headteacher

   Mrs L. Croft

Acting FP  Leader       Mrs K. Eastman



Teaching Staff

Year 6 teacher    Miss L. Allen
Year 5 teacher    Mrs L. Croft
Year 4 teacher    Mrs A. Garland
Year 3 teacher    Miss N. Griffiths/Mr T. Webster
Year 2 teacher    Mrs J. Griffiths 
Year 1 teacher    Mrs C. Hughes/Mrs H.Walsh 

Early Years teacher

   Mrs K. Eastman



Support Staff

HSLO/HLTA    Mrs J. Wyatt                                  LSA   Miss J Bedford


   Ms C. Jones                                    LSA   Miss C Ellis
LSA    Ms D. Carus
LSA    Miss R. Jones
LSA    Mrs L. Moyden
LSA    Mrs M. Murdoch
LSA    Mrs C. Coulton
LSA    Mrs K. Edwards
LSA    Mr C. Jones

Inclusion Team

ALNCo   Mrs L. Croft
Assistant SENCo   Mrs J. Wyatt



Mid Day Team


Senior Mid Day


   Mrs B. Parker
Mid Day Assistant    Mrs S. Williams
Mid Day Assistant    Mrs K. Edwards
Mid Day Assistant    Mrs L. Moyden


Administration Team

Office Manager         Ms M. Kennedy



        Ms C. Jones



Site Team




     Mr O. Uhrin
Cleaner      Ms P. Morrelle